Marketing for a better margin or sell better

real-estate-titleIn this declining sales time, here are some tips for marketing your properties

There is nothing more difficult to someone beginning the real estate investing game than to decide what type of marketing method is best for them in this venture. Sure, different strokes work for different folks, but how are you going to find what works for you and helps to separate you from the other real estate investors in the game? In the beginning you may be struggling to come up with the cash that you need to be able to market the way you want, so why not try some methods that are both inexpensive and effective to beginning making your name well known in the game.

Try using the more time-tested and continually effective methods like door-hangers, yard signs, flyers, direct mailers, and postcards to get your name in front of prospective buyers. With the possible exception of direct mailers, these methods can provide some relief to your pocketbook while providing you with the ability to brand yourself as a buyer in the market. Remember, the key is to get people to think of you every time that they have to buy or sell a house. If you are the first person they think of you may get the inside track on the prime properties in the area for the prime prices!

Once you have begun to establish yourself as an individual in the real estate investing market then you need to be everywhere that people look when real estate comes to mind. Be in the newspapers, on television, or on the radio with a jingle or slogan that makes people remember you. Also, if you are in a market where homes seem to be for sale in a hurry quite a bit (near a military base, etc.) then be the first one the buyers or sellers see in your local phone book. Like most business, brand yourself in the beginning by being everywhere, then you just need to remind people that you are around!